مهمونی کامی


After a few days of holiday, Negin is planning to go with her friend, Farnaz, to a party being held by Kami, a common friend. Having lost track of her boyfriend for several hours, Negin drives off to the party not knowing that a horrifying surprise awaits her in the trunk of her car.

About the director:
Ali Ahmadzadeh

Born in 1986, Ali Ahmadzadeh is a graduate of Neinava Music University. He has also studied film directing in the Young Cinema Society and Kami’s Party is his first feature film which provides an exceptional snapshot of the young Iranian upper-class who have rarely been portrayed in Iranian cinematography this closely.



2013 - HD

Directed By: Ali Ahmadzadeh

Length: 80 min.

Language: Farsi with English and Czech subtitles

Kino Svetozor (Small Hall): 09.01.2014 - 20:45
Kino Svetozor (Big Hall): 11.01.2014 - 16:00